Monday, October 6, 2008

Christian Attack Dog?

I am increasingly upset at the tactics used in a Presidential contest. Aren't you? I mean, people who are tearing each other down, lying on each other, making up facts, stretching the truth, and consistently leaving out little details that are very important to someone's statement. All of this, in order to sway the thinking and the support of the voting public.

What ever happened to a fair fight? What ever happened to honesty, valour, and respect? How can the American people decide to put ANYONE into office who has assassinated another American's character all in the name of a good fight?

The more I get involved, read, look at sites like, and listen to the candidates; the more sick to my stomach I become. No wonder people tune out politics and the 'system'. No wonder people think, "my vote doesn't count" and "they'll do what they want to do anyway". It's easier to turn a deaf ear than to put up with all the hate-mongering, scare tactics, and false information being spewed by our major political parties.

Listen, I respect Barack Obama for trying to run a campaign based on the issues, but he is not blameless in all of this either. He has shaded the truth about people's record just as much as the next guy. But I have noticed that he has not tried to assassinate the character of his rivals or to question their patriotism or even to paint them as crazy ideological nutcases. I still respect him for that. I respect him for trying to bring some sense of honor to the position of President in this country. We've lost that somewhere.

How can a child look up to someone who has done everything 'negative' in their power to attain the highest office in America...and succeeded? What kind of message is that sending out to our young people? Win by any means necessary? Is that really what we want to be teaching the future teachers, organizers, business leaders, and even religious leaders of our country?

NO!!! I say NO!!!

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Anonymous said...

dear robert,
i agree with you to a certain point, obama has not run a negative campagin,he is only responding to the madness of mccain

at a time when our country needs healing you have mccain acting like a nut.

we have lost so much within the last eight years and still loosing, but mccain thinks it's okay to try and destroy obama by his latest tactic.

i think we should ask mccain who is the real mccain. and why during the katrina ordeal, when
president bush flew over the thousands of dying and suffering people, why did he ignore those suffering people just to go and celebrate his birthday with bush.

did he think it was more important to go and have birthday
party,while people was jumping out of their windows and swimming in infested and diseased waters just to save their love ones and their property.

what kind of man that does things like that, i tell you what of man who does things like that, it's a man that doesn't care.

please get this info out so people can see that mccain is all mouth. WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT COUNTRY FIRST ASK HIM WHAT PART.

he's trying to start race riots and this man will do anything to get elected he's one big mess.
peace out