Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today

I rolled out of bed this morning with a mission. To Vote. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, had some juice, and got dressed. No time for eating or a shower. That will come later. I have to Vote.

My polling place is literally a block from my house, and I had checked the net twice to make sure it hadn't been changed. This is not my first time voting, but I was nervous. jitters. This is so important. I have to VOTE.

I bundled my passport, driver's license, credit cards, utility bills, and thought of taking my social security card (just in case). After reading blogs, watching Vlogs, and checking out books by Greg Palast and the website: stealbackyourvote.org; I felt like I was ready for any eventuality. I HAVE TO VOTE TODAY.

On my way into the building, someone stopped me and asked for an interview. He was from the New York Times. I was in earnest, but I thought it might be good to delay a second and have a chat. He asked me some questions, and we had a nice talk; I gave him my card, and he said he was off to write his article.

In the auditorium, I asked for my district and went to stand in line. Someone came up and asked my name and led me straight to the table to fill out my forms and usher me into a booth. The God's seemed to be smiling on me. Maybe they've seen my political Vlogs on youtube or blogspot? No, I doubt it.

I voted the straight Democratic ticket and emerged with a smile. I looked around the room and felt pride and joy that people were exercising their rights. On the way home, I called a few friends and left messages: "This is Robert Anton, recent voter, calling." I've voted many times before, but I have NEVER felt the angst and the freedom that I have felt in doing so before.

Today I voted for myself, for my country, for history, and for the World; and I voted for those who could not or would not Vote. I voted with a purpose and with foresight. I voted knowing the issues and what's at stake. I voted for the message and for the man.

Did you vote today? How did you feel? I felt like a giant.

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