Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few good things about the HCR LAW

I've been having quite a few lively debates on my videos at and wanted to invite you by to read some of the information there.
One of the things I've come away with from this is that people are still calling this healthcare reform thing a 'Bill'. Well, it passed people; it's now the 'LAW'.

Here are a few good things about the Healthcare Reform Law:

-Young adults under 26 are remaining on parental policies.
-Policies can't be canceled unless the insurer proves fraud.
-There are no longer lifetime limits on benefits (such limits permitted cancellation after a certain limit had been reached).
-New policies must offer free preventative services.
-Patients can choose their primary care, OB/GYN or pediatric physicians from their insurance network without referral from another doctor.
-There is a new right to appeal insurance company decisions.
-Medicare recipients have received a $250 rebate from the prescription drug plan.
-Small businesses are receiving tax credits for offering health insurance to employees.
-People with pre-existing conditions can buy insurance.
-You can use the nearest emergency room without suffering insurance company penalties.

We need to strengthen the good and improve on the bad, but I don't think this Law needs to be repealed.


Anonymous said...

You still haven't read this turd yet, have you Robert. What you don't seem to understand is tha tno one is arguing with most of the things you listed. In fact if that were all this was about, it would have been voted in unanamously. The benefits you quoted take up less then 100 pages of the nearly 4000 pages in this rediculas piece of garbage. Aren't you even curious what the rest of it is about? You have fallen for Washington slight of hand. All this bill is about is regulation. It's 200 pages of benefit and 3600 pages of controlling the industry and our lives. Fortunately it IS unconstitutional, it will be removed and it will never rear it's ugly head again. But tell me Robert, how ca nyou support something that you haven't read and then tell me (someone who actually took the time to read it which is more then most of the people in Washington that voted for it did) that I'm wrong and that it's good? I'll tell you what, read it, let me know when you're done, and then we'll have an intelligent debate about it's merit. Fair enough?

robertanton said...

Well Hello there. I kinda missed ya buddy.
Read the whole thing? Are you nuts? I'm glad that you had the spare time to read they 4000 pages, but I don't have that kinda time on my hands.
We'll see if it's constitutional or not when it makes it to the Supreme Court.
I would think; since Obama was a Constitutional Law professor at the august Harvard University, that it would be hard to get an unconstitutional bill past him. But you never know. He may have not had time to read it either.

Anonymous said...

I had an algebra teacher in high school that would have failed his own class. He was terrible at math. Obama has demonstrated that he must not be very good at constitutional law. If the HCR wasn't a good enough example (and it should be), his latest demonstration of his expertise is even more embarrassing. His decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act proves that he either doesn't understand how the law works doesn't care about abiding by the law or that he thinks he's above the law. In any case, his actions are deplorable at best.
I'll be happy to demonstrate in both cases his blatant disregard for the law of the land. What if the government said that all US citizens had to buy a gun? Why wouldn't that be Constitutional?

How about if the next president declared Roe vs. Wade unconstitutional and outlawed abortion without regard to the law?

I'll bet in either of those scenarios Liberals would be screaming to high heaven about the unconstitutionality, but I guess the law doesn't matter when it's something liberals want, right?

BTW, I missed coming here my friend, I don't have much time (in spite of what you may believe) and things have been crazy since November.
Oh and I read the HCR bill/law for many reasons, one of which is beacuse of the business I'm in, but also because when the government is about to pass a bill (any bill) that's 3000+ pages that no one that's voting for it has read, and the people who have read it keep finding things that are objectionable in it, I'm reading it! And I'm glad I did! You should! I promise you, if you read it, you'll scratch you head, you'll say "this thing makes no sense", you'll say "this thing stinks of alternative motives" and you'll agree with me that all of the good stuff could have been done in a bill that would only have been a couple hundred pages. I would have had no problem with the good stuff you listed, it's ALL the rest I have a problem with and you would too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert, did you hear that Kathleen Sebelius admited they double counted $500,000,000,000.00 to make it look like Obamacare would save money? Look it up, they lied anc cheated (that's no surpise of course) to pass this. Did you also know that they hid all kinds of loop hold to try to prevent it from being repealed. That means even if 100% of the country was against this, it couldn't be repaeled without a lot co time, and cost to seperate out and defund ther various entities. I can't wait to see if the CBO recalculates what the real cost would be if you take the $500,000,000,000.00 out. Somehow I pretty sure tha tthe CBO won't though, since it's already law in spite of the fact that it's illegal and will be upheld as illegal by the Supreme Court. What a great day that will be when we know that we won't have to look forward to UK style death facilities (formerly called hospitals). You can relax now!

robertanton said...

I've heard no such thing and fact check has already debunked that myth.

Anonymous said...

Really, Fact check (St.Petersburg Times; extremely liberal paper that deliberately skew information) they debunked this..

as a myth? How did they do that? Was Sebelius on drugs or something?

You know this was no accident, people have been asking for a year how they came up with these numbers because they don't add up. But the Obama Administration never admitted before that they faked the numbers, until now.

You still think it's a myth?

robertanton said...

People have been asking for a year. Yes, I saw this and you just said in a previous post that you keep asking someone and badgering them and then they say something stupid. Do you think that is true in this case?
I mean, if it's true in Sarah Palin's case then whey wouldn't it be true in this case?

robertanton said...

Whether I believe the CBO faked the numbers or not, it is an independent agency which takes information from all sides of the isle and makes it's own judgements.
I know you'd like to lay anything bad that happens or is said at the feet of Obama and lay all the good at the feet of the Republicans or anyone else but Obama; but it's just not how things work.
There's going to be good and bad on all sides. This is politics! I think you already know that it's just a big game of monopoly to the wealthy, and we are all just pieces to be moved, bought, and sold.
I wouldn't take it too personally if I were you; it'll only give you an ulcer.

Anonymous said...

Actually the numbers were furnished to the CBO by the Obama Administration. The reason they have been badgered for a year is that there is an extra half trillion on one side or the other and no one from the Obama Admin would explain where it came from. It's like if I deposited $5 in your account and then I said I put $5 in your checking and $5 in your savings. And every time you ask why it's in both accounts I don't give you a straight answer. They finally gave a straight answer; They counted the same money in both funds. I know you like to think Obama is the hero or something, he's not. I wish you would read ObamaCare so we could discuss it intelligently.