Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Donation Dance


Anonymous said...

A little story first Robert.
I saw a panhandler in Tampa, a regular (you know, a guy that's there all the time) but he was walking away from his corner. I was stuck at the light and there wasn't a thing to do but wait for the light when I noticed he went up a late model Lincoln Navigator, opened the door and got in the drivers seat.
Now obviously not all people panhandling aren't fakes, but it makes you wonder. And if it's only a few you would think the legitimate poor would be busting these people.
So when it comes to politicians, it becomes far more complicated. You mentioned Obama's campaigning. When you look at what he raised fr the last election and the 900 billion dollars to pay his supporters back through the fake stimulus bill, it makes you wonder what it would cost us if he got re-elected. Fortunately we won't need to worry about that.
I believe politicians should make no more then average mean income. and I believe that campaign funds should have a limit that confines them to travel expenses and nothing more. No more ad campaigns, no more $10,000.00 a plate dinners, no more paybacks, no more pay offs. Our founding fathers went to Washington out of a sense of duty, not for pay. Most of them lost money by being there.
There's the problem, not enough people do this out of duty and the ones that do get crushed by those backed by big money and the media.
Oh, and the media? Are you kidding? What's the difference between a pile of dead stinky, rotting fish and a group of media personnel? You can tolerate the smell of the rotting fish!

robertanton said...

We're all in the same boat on this one Jim. The only thing I'd like to point out is that the 'fake' stimulus bill was a loan; not a grant. Much of the money is already being paid back. to whom? That is the question.
I've read a few stories about panhandlers in NYC who are making good money. They started out homeless and found that is was good money and kept doing it after they got back on their feet.
One never knows. I just trust my gut on that one (and the universe pays me back 10 fold so I can't begrudge those few dollars. I'm truly blessed).
Good to hear from you. I hope you're enjoying your summer.