Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union Response - Positive vs. Negative outlook


Anonymous said...

You know Robert, I'm a very positive person yet I too see gray. And I'll tell you why: In the last 3 years the deficit has increased 40%. That means each citizen (man woman child) of the United states now is in debt for $50,000.00 and at the rate of increase under Obama (if Obamacare is overturned, which it looks like it will be) if he has a second term, the debt per citizen would be $150,000.00. Per tax payer it would be $420,000.00. We are rapidly approaching an unsustainable debt and default. If Obamacare isn't overturned the estimate is far more devastating. The estimate of debt per citizen with ObamaCare by the end of a second term would be $220,000.00 or $660,000.00 per tax payer. If these numbers don't look gray to you, what would? We're heading down a dark tunnel! If you think Greece was bad, if we default the world economy will crash. I'll guarantee you that you don't want to live in that world. I sure don't
Take care my friend!

PS: I'll be visiting NYC soon; I have a meeting with a company in the Hamptons. You'll have to steer me to some new place to eat. I'm good on the island, I know the popular places in the city, tell me someplace I don't know.

robertanton said...

Hello Jim, I've been meaning to getting around to answering you but've been quite busy and not as interested in keeping up my political Vlog.
I'm trying to find some other comments that just came up and reminded me of this, as they came in my email, but they don't seem to be showing here on the pages.
what is your youtube screen name?